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Our retreats, festivals and educational programmes are immersive experiences that re-kindle connection to ourselves, eachother and nature. We do so through systemic design approach that includes four pillars -  social, ecological, economic and cultural - of regeneration. These are spaces of exploration, play, and reflection where you learn valuable tools and skills for a regenerative culture.


Wed 3rd - Sun 7th July

Selgars Mill, Devon, United Kingdom

Enchanted is a community-led gathering that hosted at Selgars Mill every year. At Enchanted we can reconnect with ourselves, nature and each other at a deeper level. We experiment with different styles of facilitation and community building.


This gathering is for anyone who wants to learn more about new ways of living and connect with others in the regenerative space. We do this through "living questions" on themes of Health & Lifestyle, Home and Placemaking, Wealth & Economics, Self & Ecology.

Come and play with us.

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Ecovillage Design Education

27th March - 24th April 2023

La Pandilla, Ibiza, Spain

In partnership with Gaia Education and the Global Ecovillage Network, the EDE is a one month experiential educational programme that introduces you to the eco-village world and the 4 dimensions - social, ecological, economic, and cultural - of regeneration. 


Participants learn about appropriate skills and technologies in the 4 dimensions and consult local organizations. They explore bridge building across diverse cultures, stakeholders and actors, by assessing local-regional-global challenges and solutions to sustainability.

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