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Resource Database Content Creator

Remote position

Job Type

Remote • Open Source Collaborator with Benefits • Part Time

About the Role

Collect and curate resources in the field of permaculture, urban design, ecovillages, etc.


Project Mission - Phase 1

We are creating an online resource database that will act as DAO community. To learn more about our online community click here. In phase 1 of our project we are looking to create a first and secondary source resource database. For the first hand resource database we are posting content and talks from specific experts curated by dua copa. To find out more about this please visit our Collaborate Page.

This particular collaboration description focuses on collecting second hand resources. For the secondary resource database, we are looking to gather podcasts, webinars, Ted-talks, movies, books, documentaries, academic papers and research, articles, accounts and platforms for a variety of topics that fall under regeneration and sustainability. These topics can be found in this document and within the submission form. Topics and themes of interest are linked to the 4D framework; environmental, social, economic and systems thinking. To learn more about the 4D framework in depth here visit this (link) on our website.

Is this for you?

We are looking for someone to join our team that has a passion for sustainability and regeneration. You have an interest in five or more of the topics that are listed below and approach life with natural curiosity. We need to work together to find solutions and ways to increase connectivity as well as care based approaches to ourselves, each other and the planet. You want to learn more about how to approach this by exploring different topics, sharing solutions, and interesting insights of what you have come across. It is likely that you'll already be familiar with these topics, in which case submitting content is just the last step to inputting resources that you already have. While anyone can become a content creator, we are looking for students and individuals highly specialized in one of these areas to create our resource database.

Topics of Research

As a resource database content creator you will gather resources based on the topics of interest that have been listed here.

Ethical sustainable banks and insurance

Alternative and Complementary Currencies

Crypto Currency & Blockchain


Empowered Fundraising

Indicators of wealth and health

Sustainable/regenerative lifestyle and living practices

Regenerative Homes


Smart Villages and Solar Punk

Permaculture Design

Systems Thinking

Urban Planning & Design

Community Building

Governance Structures

Conflict Management and Resolution

Experiential Learning and learning through gamification

Edutainment on regeneration, sustainability

Change Management in Organizations

Environmental Psychology

Emerging Technologies that increase environmental, social and economic justice/equity,

Green infrastructure

Green Resource management

Green Jobs & Careers

Re-purposing waste matieral

Policy updates on any given topics of interest

Your Benefits

Becoming a resource database content creator is low effort, yielding high rewards in which you'll continue to have access not only to resources but also a larger community of people, education and inspiration. As we move forward into creating a DAO community space, you'll also receive special perks as a community grandfather if you onboard our team as we are starting up. For now, joining our online community through creating content for the resource database means that

You become listed as a contributor on our website and on our online community page upon accepted submission.

Free access to the resource database

1 month free upon submission

2 months free upon submission of 6 resources

3 months free upon submission of 10 resources

6 months free upon submission of 15 resources

Lifetime access upon submission of 45+ Resources

Beta Access to our second hand resource database, a month earlier than the public launching date.

Access to our first hand resource database. You'll be able to access the recordings of any webinars, talks or educational content from field experts curated by dua copa.

How to get Started

To ensure the quality of the resources that we receive, the form we have created acts as a guideline of what needs to be included in the resource submission. Fill in the form to enter the community for free in exchange for a resource submission. The application wont be considered if the information submitted is not accurate or complete.

Guidelines & Requirements

Please enter the email address that you will use when loging into the online resource community. With this email address once the online platform launches you will be able to track your submissions and you will be able to login to the online resource community platform once it launches.

Please give us a short bio of yourself. As you will be listed as a Collaborating Partner in our online community under the Title; "Resource Database Content Creator" your name and short bio will tell the community a bit about who you are. The bio should include where your from, your job(s), your interests, what you like to do in your spare time. Your name and short bio will only ever be used for this purpose unless otherwise agreed upon.

In this submission you will indicate how many resources you are submitting. For each resource you will fill in a topic submission, which 4D framework the topic is related to, date of submission, topic key words, title of the resource, author of the resource, date of publication, resource location/platform origin, related topics in the publication.

Once your resource(s) are sumbitted, we will review your submission as soon as we can. Once submitted, we will check the quality and if all the necessary details within your submission are correct. Depending on the amount of submissions the email will also inform you about how many free months you have access to our platform and your login details in which you can view your submissions.

Platform Launch Date

The platform launches to the public on March 1st.

Your login details to the platform will be sent to you by Feburary 1st.

If you would like to apply for this job, please send your CV and Cover Letter letting us know a bit more about yourself and why you would like to apply for this position.

Looking forward to meet you,

Dua Copa Team

About the Company

Dua Copa was founded from a dream of a regenerative world. A world where people have easy routes to holistic well-being and self actualization. A world with new economies that serve the environment as well as humankind. We all have a role to play in building this new world, and we play our part by creating networks and pathways through education, community building, and spatial design. Dua Copa aims to be a catalyst for internal growth and to provide a framework for building healthy external environments where people can flourish. Social cohesion, economic sovereignty and ecological regeneration are key foundations of this framework.

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