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Podcast Producer/Audio Engineer

Remote position

Job Type

Remote • 12 hours per week on average (flexible) • One month trial period, extension until April 2023, collaboration renewal in April 2023 with opportunity for paid benefits.

About the Role

You will help manage the recording studio, determine the story of each podcast, use equipment to edit the content, and evaluate content pitches from the hosts of the podcast. There is room to grow into whatever interests you regarding podcast creation and production, including creating the content of episodes, leading interviews, or whatever else you may be excited about. 


Position Responsibilities

We’re looking for someone who can help us produce our podcast and edit the audio. Requirements for this role include:

  • Record, edit & mix podcast episodes

  • Capable of editing out background noise such as road noise from audio recorded in the car

  • Provide sound design, music editing, and the development of new ideas for creative use of sound

  • Develop new and innovative strategies to engage the audience, build up fan communities across platforms and raise awareness of the podcast channel.

  • Ensure that all podcast ads are running smoothly and effectively.

  • Support the development and production of live podcasts.

  • Lead the promotion of the podcasts shows.

If you would like to apply for this job, please send your CV to Please make sure that you indicate your current and highest level of education, work experience and administrative skills. Your role will include creating illustrations and graphics so please indicate your proficiency with using Canva, Adobe Illustrator or similar tools. Please also let us know a little bit about who you are and what you like to do in your free time. 

Is this You? 

  • Someone passionate about audio editing and creating compelling stories

  • You have an ear for a good mix. You have a technical and analytical side.

  • Able to work well independently, establish and meet deadlines, prioritize

  • You have a strong interest in regeneration and sustainability. You are familiar with the four dimensions of sustainability.

Practical Amenities

As we are a small start-up company, this is an unpaid and volunteer based position. Dua Copa is growing faster than we could have imagined and we are in need of manpower to grow our project. The benefit of working with us however, is that you will have close and intimate contact with all of the members that are currently in our team. We are constantly looking for opportunities for mentorship for all of our staff, and would love to help you find a mentor as well. Our focus is placed on bringing together intergenerational knowledge, and providing individuals with support and structure to start to gain experience in a field that they are good at and passionate about. Another perk is that if we prove to be a good match you will be given creative and executive freedom to direct and manage parts of the project you are interested in. As Dua Copa grows, you can grow with us.  Additionally, you will gain free access to our online resource platform that we are creating as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization which launches on March 1st. 

About the Company

Dua Copa was founded from a dream of a regenerative world. A world where people have easy routes to holistic well-being and self actualization. A world with new economies that serve the environment as well as humankind. We all have a role to play in building this new world, and we play our part by creating networks and pathways through education, community building, and spatial design. Dua Copa aims to be a catalyst for internal growth and to provide a framework for building healthy external environments where people can flourish. Social cohesion, economic sovereignty and ecological regeneration are key foundations of this framework.

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