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DAO, NFT & Online Community Space Teacher

Remote position

Job Type

One Site • One Time Position

About the Role

18th of April from 2:30-4:30. (negotiable) - 2 hours - 60 Euro


Requirements for the Position

We are looking for someone to be teaching about Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Web 3, Online DAO Communities on the 18th of April for our Eco-village Design and Education Course (EDE) that will take place on Ibiza Island in Spain. To find out more about what the EDE is about, please have a look at our course programme which you can find as a page on our website. You will be coming in to give a two hour lecture and practical exercise about these topics. You should know these topics well and it should be a part of your daily job to be interacting in these spaces.

We need someone that is well versed in recent developments of the Meta Verse, and has a clear idea about how DAO's can be used as online spaces for communal governance and communication structures. The next phase of our mission at Dua Copa involves creating a DAO online space & community. We believe this is the next step forward, however we notice that there is still some ambiguity around DAO’s, which forms they can take. We need someone that is well versed in the field to be able to explain what a DAO is, different structures of DAO’s, how can it can benefit a community/working together and distribution of resources, its down sides. Wed also like you to provide insight into how and why blockchain is a technology of the future, and some new spaces in Web 3. In crypto currency we are interested in knowing about the benefits of this alternative currency and how it works. This EDE takes a very naturalist and ground-up approach to social itneractions, relations and governance structures. However we find it important that we move forward in hybrid models, with hybrid communities and including the benefits of technology when creating conscious, green and regenerative spaces.

Practical Ammenities

Dates: We have some flexibility to move the schedule around, however this date is ideal for us because it is in flow with the materials that we plan to teach before and after this dimension.

Location: Ibiza. There is always the option to do this transmission by being online, however, ideally it would be to transmit this information in person.

Time: 18th of April from 2:30-4:30. (negotiable)

If you are interested in this position please send us your CV, your motivations for taking up this position and a compensation proposal for the two hours that you will be teaching. You can send us your details through

Looking forward to meet you,

Dua Copa Team

About the Company

Dua Copa was founded from a dream of a regenerative world. A world where people have easy routes to holistic well-being and self actualization. A world with new economies that serve the environment as well as humankind. We all have a role to play in building this new world, and we play our part by creating networks and pathways through education, community building, and spatial design. Dua Copa aims to be a catalyst for internal growth and to provide a framework for building healthy external environments where people can flourish. Social cohesion, economic sovereignty and ecological regeneration are key foundations of this framework.

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