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Social and Worldview Dimensions
Macaco Tamerice

Macaco Tamerice has been living in the ecovillage of Damanhur, Italy since 1993. For several years she has been working in international relations for Damanhur and is its Coordinator of International Community Relations. In 2008, she became Vice President of GEN-Europe, and in 2010 was elected President, staying in office until 2015. She is now serving on the Advisory Board of GEN- International, and is President of the non-profit Association Damanhur Education.

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Economics Dimension
Oleg Ivanenko

Oleg has worked two decades as an accountant and financial and administrative manager/director for various international companies. The last decade he has focsed on eco-education and facilitating the economics within these spheres through combining theory and gamification.

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Worldview and Economics Dimensions
Jashana Kippert

Jashana is the co-founder of Ola Honua agricultural community. She is a workshop leader and community consultant in New York, Victoria and Massachusetts. She has had professional training in Ecovillage Design Education, deep democracy, holotropic breath work, game of transformation, Shivanda Yoga, World Game, landmark forum, couples intimacy and sexuality amongst others.

Ecology Dimension
Marcos Tur

Marcos Tur has been a permaculture designer since the beginning of the millennium. He has a long trajectory in different NGO's linked to bioconstruction and permaculture. He has organised multiple workshops and trainings and is now putting his energy into participating in the transition project in his small village in his native Ibiza. He has been a EDE Trainer since 2008 and is an enthusiast of collective projects that he sees as key to our common future.

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Production Team

Production and Social Dimension
Ines Castagnet

Ines has a passion for initiating, creating, designing and coordinating projects. Organizing systems, people, organizations, logistics and working with multiple different stakeholders to bring a project together is what sparks her fire. Her academic background in BA International Relations and Msc Cultural Anthropology has lead her to research into sustainability, regeneration, permaculture, systems thinking, change management and governance. Combing this with her work as a hypnotherapist, she is passionate about co-creating internal-external environments conducive to health and well-being.

Visual Designer and Social Media
Chiara Lampasona​

With a Bachelor Degree in Communication Design at the Institute Of Applied Arts and Design - IAAD in Turin, Chiara has always had at heart any project related to social, cultural and environmental sustainability. She realised an awareness campaign for the World Earth Day 2019 for the International Training Centre of the ILO for whom worked as a Communication Consultant. She recently finished her Eco-village Design Education Course and currently works as a freelancer Visual and Social Media Manager for projects that align with her values and that move her at the core.

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Advisory Board

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Advisory Board
Patty Rangel

Patty was the 2022 GEN representative to the United Nations Environment Program (General Assembly in Nairobi, Kenya), a graduate of the United Nations Summer Intensive Program (UN Headquarters in New York City), Honorary Burning Man Earth Guardian, and a member of EcoVillages in France, Italy, Namibia, and the USA. Patty is passionate about ARTivism and empowering Indigenous Nations. She has been involved with GEN since 2007.

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Wow! Dua Copa is growing fast.

We are looking for people to work with us and collaborate with us.

We are experimenting with different social economic models and ways of exchange, by creating an economy which is based off care and a fair energy exchange first and foremost. We create time, money, energy, skill, expertise exchanges that are based on mutual interest and mutual opportunity for growth and learning.


For example, creating this EDE we have a mixture of service and goods based exchanges as well as monetary exchanges. Collaboration can take many forms. We are open to your ideas.

Love our philosophy and project but a collaborative opportunity is not listed? Send us an email! 

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