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La Pandilla Ibiza Ecovillage Design Education

27 March - 24 April 2023

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1 Month Course


15 participants


Build a Community

Casita Verde

4 Dimensions of Sustainability

Eco-village lifestyle practices to your life and organization.

€2400 course

+ €1200 food and accommodation

Work with local organizations as a consultant


What is Ecovillage
Design Education?

The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Program covers 20 subject areas in four dimensions: Social, Ecological, Economic, and Worldview The Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Program was born out of the experiences of long-existing communities and cutting-edge educators in order to teach how to create a new way of living that brings together the four key dimensions of Sustainability - Worldview, Ecological, Social, and Economic aspects. It has been carried out over 190 times in more than 34 countries on six continents since 2005. Ecovillage Design Education (EDE) Ibiza is part of a larger network of EDE's from a Gaia Education certified program.


What's included in the Course?

27 day Course Inhouse chef and accommodation 4 International expert facilitators Certification by Gaia Education Site visit to Ibizan off-grid eco centre Casita Verde Local seasonal fruits and vegetables for your meals Rich Community Living Experience & Simulation The Four Dimensions of Sustainability Theoretical, Hands on, and Experiential learning Professional career and personal development support Panelist Conference Build lifelong connections across multiple different industries and cultures Special Guests and Celebration events Design creative solutions, ideas and implementation for local Ibizan organizations working towards regeneration

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Eco-villages &

Urban Spaces?

Learn principles of ecovillage design to create regenerative change in rural and semi-urban spaces. This EDE in particular has a semi-urban focus because it partners with exsisting local organizations, so you work within the constraints of exsisting structures/initiatives. While the basis of the EDE addresses foundatinos of setting up an eco-village or intentional community in a rural area, there are some additional modules which provide attention to semi-urban spaces and exsisting organizations. Eco-villages provide a great blueprint for how we can live more sustainably. Working within exsisting structures and framework s allows participants to think in solutinos to current systemic factors which may provide barriers to long-term sustainability.

La Pandilla Ibiza Ecovillage Design Education
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Have you ever
asked yourself:

Can we use permaculture principles in social designs?

How can we live together harmoniously?

What is it like to live in community?

How can we utilize exsisting materials/resources and use them better?

How can I live with the with the land and natures cycles?

How can we harness resources to create equitable and fair access to 

natural resources, healthcare and wealth?

What skills do we need to create lasting systems of regeneration?

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