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Accomodation Location

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About La Pandilla

La Pandilla was born as an accomodation and creative oasis for artists, explorers, and individuals looking to explore what it means to live collectively. La Pandilla, provides a communal space of living from individuals of all walks of life through its cultural centre and collaborations.

While La Pandilla is not an eco-village itself, the space and its people give you the room to be able to explore, learn and directly apply what its like to create practices and principles of eco-villages within a semi-urban space. Guided by our facilitators who have decades of experiences within eco-villages coupled with exposure to local organizations that orient themselves to regeneration and sustainability this program will give you the best of both worlds.

Pandilla is just a 10 minute drive from the Ibiza airport. It is a space focused on creativity, connection, and regeneration. The participant accommodations are positioned in a horseshoe shape around a central plaza. There is a large indoor classroom and also a rooftop space to hold class when the weather cooperates.

Find out more on La Pandilla's website

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Designing Spaces at La Pandilla

Each EDE participates in a design group. Design groups are work groups that allow you to directly apply what you are learning in the program into a real life case study, where you design and apply solutions to existing organiations together. 


Applied Systems Thinking

Perfect location to experiment and apply systems thinking, permaculture principles and practices, urban design, and bring in eco-village design to increase the sustainability and regeneration of the physical infrastructure, governance systems and social structure, human-nature connectivity. 


Working with Constraints

A space for working within existing physical structures and constraints of the location and as an organization. This means that you will need to discern what is already here that is beneficial and useful to their ecosystem? What are somethings that can be adapted or changed? How can the spirit of artists, explorers and collective living be integrated into the space and organization? 


Bridging Industries

La Pandilla’s open attitude of inclusion, diversity, and experimentation and collaboration is one which inspired us to think about what might be possible if we were to apply Eco-village Design Education within a built environment that does not yet have eco-village design. It offers an opportunity to bridge different worlds, of tourism, permaculture, environmentalism, systems thinking, community, accommodation.

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La Padilla x EDE 

Image by James Day

Morning Activities

La Pandilla offers a variety of classes in the mornings as a one off, a weekly pass or a monthly pass. Prices can be found through their website. Classes include​ dance and Energetic Movement with Scotty, Yoga with Imme, Boxing, Pilates, Weight Training / Warm Ups

Image by and machines

EDE Expert & Facilitator Panelist Discussion

A conversation amongst some of our expert facilitators as well as local experts where they discuss hot topics in the area of regeneration and sustainability. Held at the end of the course.

Environmental Conference

An environmental conference hosted at La Pandilla

Image by Jonathan Velasquez


Pandilla will also be a podcast studio, and will edit audio content broadcast on all platforms. These podcasts will carry the reflections born in this place: by listening to them, you will live the time of one or more episodes in the Pandilla, to listen and participate in the conversations that animate it.

Image by Pablo Heimplatz

Permaculture Garden & Water Management

Throughout the course you will work with your fellow participants and a local permaculture expert to learn practical, hands-on skills by building a permaculture garden at our host site, La Pandilla.

A night of celebration the day after the commencement of the course. Commemorate all you've learned and bask in your new relationships.

Live Music & Celebration

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