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The Challenge

Budget and Time Sensitive: We understand that this program is high-budget for many, a few percent of us have the opportunity to take a whole month off work, and many of us have families to tend to. 

Educative Costs: The largest proportion of the costs involves bringing in our 6 expert facilitators which includes their flights, food, accommodation, and teaching. 

At present we need at least 15 participants to cover this cost, otherwise, the course can not run. This potential would break our hearts and the many involved in making this program happen - the organizers, facilitators, marketing team, and la pandilla - as this is a work of passion, love and care.

Societal and Climate Urgency:  Taking the glocal context of the world today, climate change, wealth inequality gap, and the unsustainability of 80% of industries and cities we believe that educating as many people as possible about holistic and systems thinking perspectives ways to create regeneration and community is more important than ever.

Concert Crowd


We have created a crowdfunding page specifically for these costs.  Your financial contribution means that we could run the course without worrying about how many participants show up, support youth participants (25-), and allows the producers of the course to make a wage.

You're Invited

This is an invitation to people who cannot attend the course but support the movement. Perhaps you cannot attend because resources such as time, money, or existing commitments and engagements are not at your disposal. But you may be able to donate 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 euros instead.


It is also an invitation for those who can attend the course but wish to donate to the EDE Ibiza because they believe in its mission and vision, and believe it should be made accessible to as many people as possible.

Through Community we can make this happen.


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