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Goals of the Program

Bring sustainability and regeneration to existing local Iorganizations. 

Apply permaculture to ecological, social and economic contexts

Experiential learning with head, hands, heart

Learn about appropriate technologies and skills in social, ecological, economic and worldview dimensions.


Exploring solutions and experiencing effective models to transform society


Learn how to bridge build across
a) local, bio-regional and international scales of society, b) diverse cultures, c) different stakeholders and actors within a project  d) semi-urban eco-projects


.Apply systems and design thinking, change management, and dragon-dreaming project management.

Gain clarity on how to start or implement project management based on your own strengths, skills and interests. 


Ability to develop strong relationships with existing networks.


Work with and learn from local, international and intergenerational facilitators through the course and the sustainability conference.


Understand different perspectives and points of view.

You will Gain

Certification by Gaia Education as an EDE designer

Integrative design skills in four areas of sustainability: ecology, economy, social aspects & culture

First step for setting up EDE-courses in your region

New friends, ideas, inspiration and hope!

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The Four Dimensions of Sustainability

The EDE Programme is organised as a mandala called the sustainability wheel, encompassing what we perceive to be the four primary dimensions of human experience - Worldview/Cultural Ecological, Social, and Economic aspects. Each of these four dimensions contains five modules - twenty subject areas in total. These dimensions are integrated with whole systems design.

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Design Groups


Experiential Learning

Participants apply systems thinking, permaculture principles, eco-village design to local Organizations.

Head, Hands, Heart Approach

Local initiatives to gain fresh perspectives, and to consider economic, social, environmental regeneration and sustainability of their projects


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What is already here that is beneficial and useful to their ecosystem? What are things that can be adapted or changed?


Working with constraints or opportunities of space, time, money and manpower within organizations.

Think globally, act locally

Resource Management

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Experiential learning is 80% more effective than any other form of learning. Creates an embodied memory, and lasting change for all involved.

Leave behind a vibrant local eco-system, permaculture garden, water management, governance system, expanded network of like-minded people & MORE

Create Lasting Change

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Design groups will consult for different local fledgling and existing initiatives in Ibiza. These organizations are orientated towards driving local, bioregional and international regeneration and sustainability by the products and services that they provide. They have an intimate relationship with the land, and are looking to create social and business networks which will create mutual gain for all individuals and groups involved. 

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Course Location

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A creative oasis for artists, explorers, and individuals looking to explore what it means to live collectively. La Pandilla, provides a communal space of living from individuals of all walks of life through its cultural centre and collaborations.

While La Pandilla is not an eco-village itself, the space and its people give you the room to be able to explore, learn and directly apply what its like to create practices and principles of eco-villages within a semi-urban space. Guided by our facilitators who have decades of experiences within eco-villages coupled with exposure to local organizations that orient themselves to regeneration and sustainability this program will give you the best of both worlds.

Pandilla is just a 10 minute drive from the Ibiza airport. It is a space focused on creativity, connection, and regeneration. The participant accommodations are positioned in a horseshoe shape around a central plaza. There is a large indoor classroom and also a rooftop space to hold class when the weather cooperates.

Find out more on La Pandilla's website

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Sustainability Conference

Open to the Public; 21st of April 5-9pm

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Jashana Schloss Glarisegg Photo.jpg

Hosted at La Pandilla

Carrer de Formentera, 2-4, 07817 Sant Francesc de s'Estany, Illes Balears

La Pandilla Ibiza Ecovillage Design Education


Early Bird €20

Normal Price €35

At the door €45

Launching 15th March - Limited Spaces Available.

Free entry for Participants of the Course

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Conscious and Wellness Market Day

Open to the Public; 23rd of April 1-7pm

Hosted at La Pandilla

Outdoor Market
Street Vendor Selling Vegetables
Sustainable packaging

Are you an Individual or an organization offering sustainable, regenerative, natural, upcycled, re-cycled or re-used products and services?

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