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Plans and Pricing Overview

Social or Ecological or Economic


Social Dimension + Modules of Choice


Gaia Education & GEN Certification


€1200 (YOUTH)


One Month Food and Accommodation €1200

Please check below for food and accomodation prices for one or two dimension.

Organic, Seasonal and Local Breakfast, lunch and dinner. La Pandilla's large communal rooms provide ample space and cozy corners for you to rest and recharge. La Pandilla also offers places to recharge by the pool, and a spacious indoor and outdoor teaching space. ​

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Full Course 27 March - 24 April 2023

Gaia Education and Global Eco-village Network Certification.

The certification gives you the opportunity to do the following Teacher Training Courses. Upon completion of the EDE, Teacher Training and Online GEDS you will be able to become a facilitator and host EDE's or other training courses provided by Gaia Education.

Additionally, the full course gives you an In-depth Community and Group Experience, Full holistic experiential learning and applied systems thinking, Connect with Facilitators outside of class hours, Cohesion between all Dimensions, Full design groups and consultancy immersion

Sliding Scale

(excluding food and accommodation)

Youth Rate
Middle Path
Thrive Rate

1200 €

2400 €

3600 €

Young people 30 and under attend the course at 50% off.

This amount covers the operational costs and front& back-end costs. It allows for facilitators to receive a basic income for their work.

Supports youth Participants, facilitators, admin and organizing staff for the course and all the events.

How can I choose the best plan for me?

Consider paying lower on the scale if you:


Are supporting children or have other dependents


Have significant debt


Have significant medical expenses not covered by insurance


Have educational expenses


Receive public assistance


Have immigration-related expenses


Are a Portuguese national (more information below)


Are a senior citizen with a fixed income.

Consider paying higher on the scale if you:


Own the home you live in


Have investments, retirement accounts or inherited money


Travel recreationally


Have access to family resources in times of need


Work part time by choice


Have a relatively high degree of earning power due to your level of education (or gender and racial privilege, class background, etc.). Even if you are not currently exercising your earning power, we encourage you to recognize this as a choice.


Are dedicated to supporting others’ access to education at EDE Ibiza

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One Dimension

800 €

Gaia Education and Global Eco-village Network One Dimension Certification

You will become certified in either the Social, Ecological or Economic Dimension. 

The one-week dimension gives you flexibility of schedule and allows you to get a deep dive into one dimension. It does not however provide holistic systems thinking perspective into how all the dimensions are interlinked and rely upon each other for the success of a project or eco-village.

Please check the full pricing, from the documents below. Prices will vary slightly depending on the Food and Accommodation stay.

la pandilla.jpeg

Two Dimension

1600 €

Gaia Education and Global Eco-Village Network Social Dimension Certification

Social Dimension Certification and another dimension of choice OR modules of choice for the remaining 18 days. 

Please check the full pricing, from the documents below. Prices will vary slightly depending on the Food and Accommodation stay.

la pandilla.jpeg

Apply by Sunday March 26th 23:59

Please agree to the terms and conditions below and you will be redirected to the application! 

By submitting this testimony I agree that:


I am responsible for my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well being and I actively take and hold this responsibility.


I understand that because of the nature of this program, which is designed to be challenging as well as supportive, I am likely to come up against my edges and at times, this may be an uncomfortable or difficult period.

I agree to equip myself with the appropriate resources to support myself on this journey so that I can to the best of my ability take everything that arises as an opportunity to learn and grow.

I am willing to enquire into unhelpful automatic patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving.

I agree not to take unprescribed drugs during the course.

I agree to treat myself, other participants and the staff of the course with kindness and respect. I will not be violent to myself, others or the environment.

la pandilla.jpeg

Terms and Conditions

  • Should the participant require a traveling Visa, they are responsible for their own organization and purchasing of the traveling Visa. 

  • Once the payment has been made, should the participant need to withdraw from the course, or the application for whatever reason, the maximum refund they can receive for the full month course is 50%. No refunds will be offered for the one week or two week dimensions.

  • Participants are responsible to let the organizer, Ines Castagnet, know If they have any special needs or allergies. They must also let the accommodation location, La Pandilla, know.

  • Participants driving a rented or borrowed car is completely liable for any damage to the car while driving, and any physical, mental, or emotional accidents that they may incur as a result. Should any damage occur they are responsible and liable to pay back the amount of money reparations cost, as indicated by the garage or insurance.

  • There is a pool on-site at La Pandilla. Any swimming or water activities are done at the participant's own risk and discretion. 

  • Participants are required to have their own insurance when attending the course. Should any accidents or damages occur during the period of the course, participants are fully responsible and liable for their own health and well-being at all times.

  • In no way is Dua Copa liable for any mental, physical or emotional harm caused to participants during the course. Participants understand they are undertaking this course at their own risk.


We want to lead a fun and safe experience, so please make wise decisions,  and take responsibility for your actions.

Thank you,


EDE Ibiza Team

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