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Dua Copa

Designing Regenerative Cultures

Our Approach

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Sustainable Development Goals 

The SDG's are the first globally recognized set of values and metrics that place importance on Social, Ecological, Economic Sustainability. Although their implementation and adherence remain contested, the framework creates a common language and addresses today's global challenges holistically. Understanding each dimension through multiple lenses of culture and worldview allows a global context to also take local importance.

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Information can only be considered as knowledge if it is emboided through our lived experience and our senses. While capitalism may have us believe we are purely rational beings we are also emotional and feel the impact of various forces asking for out attention and energy. Head, Hands and Heart consider information, practical application and feeling as equally important. This model represents the multidimensional nature of transformative processes and includes the importance of learning context.

Education and



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We are both Human beings and human doings - to create. However doing in modern society has been tied to productivity, money, success, and career. Regenerating our relationship with work and money requires deep reflection on what feels good to our unique blueprint. Regenerating our relationships with ourselves and each other includes vulnerability, intimacy, connection, and communicating in a way that we can see and be seen and understood in our authentic nature. Connection does not need to come at the cost of authenticity. Lastly, slowing down to the rhythms of nature allows us to tap into a field of inter-connection and consciousness much vaster than our modern society has us believe is available to us. Take the opportunity to get in touch with the medicine Gaia has to offer us, and our ethic of care is needed in return. 

Regenerating Relationships to


Ines Castagnet

Hello! I am a Project Designer and Manager, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Individual and Group Facilitator, and Msc Cultural Anthropologist focused on Sustainability, Regenerative lifestyles and Governance. I focus on co-facilitating and co-leading initiatives that foster regenerative cultures. I have a passion for organizational health and co-creating internal-external environments conducive to health and well-being.  

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