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About Dua Copa

Bridging the gap between eco-villages and urban spaces, benefiting from the advantages of both. Creating living examples of regenerative ways of life, allowing for serendipitous radicalization, and for the movement to pour out into the most densely populated areas with the greatest need for change.



Training changemakers to create ecovillages in urban and semi-urban spaces. Connecting with local projects and designing solutions. Teaching how to deal with existing structures, governance, and stakeholders through theory and practical application, systems thinking and collaboration.


A world where cities are not a drain on the environment, but are instead pivotal places in the regeneration of our earth and our spirit.


Urban Focus

Almost 60% people live in cities and cities contribute over 70% of global CO2 emissions. If cities are not sustainable then we cannot be sustainable as a human race, we can’t just create regenerative cultures in rural spaces. People need to see ecovillages as a living example, this is what will convince them – without seeing an example in their daily life, how would they even know that alternatives exist. Urban ecovillages can bridge that gap. Many things are wonderful in cities - cultural fusion, connection, innovation that come from urbanism. Its more sustainable to connect people all in one place to share resources and knowledge. Urban space has a ton of potential for a sustainable future and connection, it’s just not being harnessed correctly yet. To help this process towards regenerative cities, we can use the EDE to teach people how eco-villages and alternative governance structures work. In turn, urban space can provide economic opportunity, access to networks, public infrastructure, and access to the wider culture. Bridging this gap will help move us all to a more regenerative future.

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